Product Overview

The offshore oil industry is one of the most desired industries by employees and other job seekers. The industry has been branded to provide maximum benefits and salary. However, the competition can be difficult. To get in, you need a outstanding resume, cover letter, and some tips from the experts. does this. It is an international guide to offshore oil rig employment. They will tell you how to enhance your resume and your cover letter. They also give tips on how to get hired immediately so you can start working as soon as possible.

Company behind the Product has been in the offshore oil industry employment business since 1998. They have facilitated people to get employed in the offshore oil industry since then.

What Do You Get?

  • We send Your Resume direct to the E-mail inbox of over 1200 companies, agencies, contractors, employers, recruiters and a whole lot more.
  • Saving you time. Ten minutes from now your Resume will arrive at over 1200 industry recruitment addresses.
  • Due to constant staff turnover and regular new contracts there are always vacancies.
  • Lifetime membership – once only payment – 100% guaranteed.
  • At no extra charge we then continue to send you further Job Application Updates.
  • You can go on using your account with us for your entire career.
  • Make back the money you invest in us in your first few hours of work.

What I Like

They give essential points that most bosses in the offshore oil industry want to see on your resume and your cover letter. They will also inform you how to put your name on the top searchable list. The services are also easy to use, even non-experts in the computer department can easily be familiar with the instructions.

What I Don’t Like

On the website, the testimonials seem to be all over the place. It may be simpler to read them if they are all placed in one area.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, this is recommended. It is cheaper than hiring a resume writing expert. The product will also provide information on the companies in which you can apply. They send your resume, too, directly to the e-mail address of companies. After that, you can keep onusing your account for as long as you like.

Our Rating

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